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How to Enjoy Saipan's Magnificent Micro Beach

Just a short 10-minute walk from Garapan Town Center is stunning Micro Beach. Saipan, known for its beautiful uncrowded beaches, doesn’t require you to go far to find the best of them. Perfect at any time of day, though facing west, the sunset views are particularly spectacular at this location. We recommend you stay on your sunbed, or return into the evening on at least one occasion! Sunbeds are available for hire if chilling out is the top priority of the day, otherwise below we provide a few more ideas for how you might enjoy one of the best beaches in Saipan.

Snorkeling the shallow waters of Micro Beach

Turn your ordinary swim into one with views, with the addition of some basic snorkeling gear. A fun and easy activity, for adults, big and little kids alike, take the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery below the water as well as above it. For more serious snorkeling, and one of the renowned snorkeling sites worldwide, we recommend visiting and reading our guide to Saipan’s The Grotto. But sticking with Micro Beach, in the clear blue waters, you’ll still experience plenty of marine life and have little fishes swim past your fingers and toes as they go about their daily life. Hire your gear from one of the beachfront vendors and off you go!

Water Activities for days at Micro Beach

You could easily spend a week in Saipan, and enjoy a new water activity every day. So, if getting wet and wild is what you love, Saipan’s Micro Beach should be your new favorite destination – with a whole range of water activity rentals available to the public at the beachfront. If floating around without doing much is your dream, then choose an air float for your daily activity. If you want to get active, but require an activity that’s easy for beginners, then kayaking or a paddle boat would be perfect for you. If you have the skill or at least the confidence, then there is stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, and parasailing too. And when you have a need for speed, as we all sometimes do, your own Jet Ski or jumping on-board a Banana Boat group is also an option.

A leisurely walk on Micro Beach to the American Memorial Park

Take your shoes off, and let the soft sand buff your feet, as you stroll from Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan at one end of Micro Beach to the American Memorial Park at the other end, about a 15-minute walk. Along the way, enjoy the sight of families and friends, and adoring couples, taking in the sun and sea. Be a spectator of the various water activities, and choose what you will attempt yourself the next day. At low tide, walk on the soft sandbar islands that appear as if they are in the middle of the ocean, a very special experience that also makes for a great Instagram photo.

When you have arrived, take the path from the beach to the American Memorial Park grounds, where you can make use of the public grills for a barbecue picnic (pick-up your groceries at the local supermarket prior), set amongst fragrant pine trees, or play some sports on the wide stretches of green grass. Other food and beverage outlets and public toilets are available too. If you are up for more walking, then make your way further to Smiley Cove Marina to view the harbor and locally docked boats. And of course, The World War 2 Museum is also located here, if you are ready for a history tour or some air-conditioning.

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