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Saipan's Best Nature Attractions: Managaha Island, Bird Island & Forbidden Island

Islands are nature hubs, and Saipan is no different. When you’re out exploring Saipan you’ll find some of the best lookouts, hikes, and coastal views. Our top picks for nature attractions come with rock pools, secret caves, and magical sunrises.

Managaha Island

This incredible natural attraction in Saipan is a tropical playground with some of the best snorkeling in Saipan. With shallow areas, Managaha Island is ideal for little ones who love to splash, paddle, and explore. Spend a morning, afternoon, or entire day on the island, and experience a memorable and relaxing day trip in Saipan. It gets quite crowded on the beach by the jetty so we recommend walking to the other side of the island, for a more private and secluded experience.

Everything is up for rent on this island from beach chairs, umbrellas, and tables, to snorkeling equipment. There’s a small shop on the island and an island buffet lunch. Palm trees dotted along the shore are the perfect spot for an afternoon nap before you board the ferry.

Getting there

  • Paradise off the west coast of Saipan is just a short ferry ride away.
  • Getting to Managaha Island is an 8-minute drive to the ferry terminal from Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan. From the ferry terminal to the island, it takes 15 minutes. For a smooth and gentle ride to the island, we recommend taking the ferry. If you want to get to the island fast so you can get on with relaxing, take one of the local speed boats or banana boats.
  • Managaha Island is a place where you’ll forget time, so keep in mind that the last ferry back is at 5:00pm.

Bird Island

Bird Island Lookout is not to be missed on a trip to Saipan for a reason. It’s a stunning coastal landscape, and when the tide is low enough you can actually walk to this tiny island from the shore, but it’s best not to disturb the birds.

After a sound night’s sleep, we’ll give you a wake-up call and arrange transport to the Bird Island Lookout to watch the best sunrise in Saipan. If you arrive later in the day, this lookout has built-in air conditioning in the form of a refreshing ocean breeze—a lovely respite from the humid hot weather.

You can hike down from the lookout to the beach via a secret path, and on a calm day the snorkeling is terrific. We’re happy to check the weather and sea conditions for you before leaving the resort.

Kids will love this nature attraction in Saipan. Walking along the beach next to Bird Island, there are lots of rock pools to explore and discover. You can get to Bird Island Lookout by car, take some photos and then hike down to the beach for swimming and snorkeling. You might have to use your phone’s zoom to see the birds close-up from the lookout point though. In January you might be lucky enough to see pods of dolphins too.

Getting there

Bird island is located on the northern tip of Saipan, a 20-minute drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan.

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a marine sanctuary and untouched nature attraction in Saipan.
With its must-do hike and striking rock formations, Forbidden Island is a great natural attraction in Saipan. The hike itself is steep and challenging and is about 30-40 minutes each way.

You might be lucky enough to have the beach to yourself at the end of the hike and as with most beaches in Saipan, a snorkel and goggles are prerequisites. Low tide is the best and safest time to visit Forbidden Island. Once on the beach, you can seek out a hidden cave with a tide pool and an outlet to the ocean.

Getting there

  • Most people go with a guide to Forbidden Island and you’ll need a 4WD to access the hiking path.
  • Don’t use all your energy swimming and snorkeling as the hike back up is a challenge.
  • From downtown Saipan, it is only 10 minutes by car.

Fuel for your day

With our Food To Go option set yourself up for a successful day of sightseeing and hiking. Get in touch with our Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan concierge team to pre-order food items that we’ll have packed for you to take-away on your nature adventure in Saipan.

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