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A road trip along the beach in Saipan

The Must-Have Saipan Getaway Guide

This is the guide for not doing one thing in particular, but opening yourself up to a range of experiences which will provide the best view of what Saipan has to offer, and is sure to have you traveling home with a smile on your face, and new talent or two under your belt. Saipan has plenty of sunshine and natural beauty to not only have you resting by the pool but also recharging with a more active outdoor adventure, be that on land or water. Here are our top picks for spending the best 5 days in Saipan, with some drink and dining recommendations to keep your belly full as well as your heart.

Day 1: Warm up with a relaxing day on Micro Beach

With our resort conveniently located on Saipan’s most famous beach, it would make sense to warm up your Saipan stay, and your warmth-depleted body, with some sun and fun on the beautiful Micro Beach. When we say popular, we don’t mean crowded, as Saipan is very much still a hidden gem in the global list of beach holidays. So, look forward to a relatively peaceful beach scene. From chillaxing on a cabana to cruising the coastline in a kayak, there are numerous options for beach activities, made easy by water sports equipment hirers set up along the beach.

End your day in the best way, watching the incredible sunset with the west-facing view of Micro Beach. Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s Mari Bar is the perfect place to enjoy the view with a drink in hand, so stop in and select from our extensive drinks list of fresh and fruity cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine, and more.

More ideas and information can be found in our dedicated Micro Beach guide.

Day 2: Get snorkeling at Managaha Island or diving at The Grotto

It wouldn’t really be a trip to Saipan if you didn’t take part in its most popular activity, snorkeling and diving beneath the sea are by far the most wonderful experiences you should have in Saipan. Incredible marine life, including living coral reefs and hundreds of colorful species of fish, are here for you to see. Few places like this remain in the world, so get your gear on and don’t wait.

Managaha Island

For beginners, less confident swimmers, and kids, the easier option is snorkeling on Managaha Island. It is fantastically beautiful above and below the sea level and will make for a lovely day trip as you go between relaxing on the warm sand to leisurely swimming and snorkeling, and a few walks along the beach in between. For when you get hungry, Managaha Island also has an island buffet that makes a great lunch option. Get to Managaha Island in 15 minutes by ferry from Saipan Ferry Terminal.

The Grotto

For experienced divers and confident learners, The Grotto dive site is a must-do activity. Rated by National Geographic as one of the best dive spots worldwide, this attraction is one of the main reasons people visit Saipan or otherwise is often their favorite discovery! Having splendid indigo blue water with up to 30 meters visibility, you’ll see whitetip reef sharks, barracuda, butterflyfish aplenty, and many more. We recommend booking with a guide that provides lifejackets, the proper diving gear, and safety instructions. The Grotto is located on the north-eastern tip of Saipan Island about a 30-minute coastal drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan.

For further information on each of these destinations, check out our complete guides to Saipan’s Managaha Island and The Grotto.

Day 3: A round of golf anyone? And let’s go shopping after

Spend your next day dry and on land, with our recommendations for Saipan golf and shopping. Whilst the Saipan beaches are a major drawcard, there is

Saipan Golf

Saipan has many professionally designed courses, by big names such as Greg Norman, Larry Nelson, and Graham Marshall, with fantastic features incorporating natural rock formations and over-the-ocean holes. Saipan Country Club course, nearby to Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan is a good option when you are short of time or a beginner looking for a more straight-forward game. For a more challenging game, head over to Lao Lao Golf Course which is one of the best golf courses on the island. Play its West Course for challenging water features and layout or the East Course for the best scenic golfing on the island with over-the-ocean holes – it’s worth indulging in this slightly pricier option.

Saipan Shopping

When the game is done, and the afternoon sunsets in, its time to go shopping. T Galleria by DFS is the place in Saipan to do your high end and brand shopping with the added benefit of it being duty-free. Saipan’s main shopping alley is Paseo de Marianas in Garapan— a-6 minute walk from T Galleria by DFS. It’s centrally located in Saipan’s downtown, with lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. When you’re shopped out, if you’re a guest of Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan located right next to Paseo de Marianas then drop your bags in your room, and head back for Paseo de Mariana nightlife which includes food stalls, pretty lanterns and live music where you can sit alfresco, and enjoy a beer for your not-so-hard work today. For further information, check out our complete guide to Saipan Shopping.

Day 4: Time to get cultured – a museum, a memorial site, and an uplifting cultural show to finish

Saipan has a vivid WWII history that can be explored throughout the island. Start your day at American Memorial Park at the other end of Micro Beach, about a 5-minute drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan, to visit the indoor museum which will overview the history for you. From there, take a 15-minute drive to The Last Command Post that houses the remnants of a cliff-side bunker used by the Japanese to defend themselves against the U.S. invasion in 1944. At the same location is also Suicide Cliff where the Japanese soldiers jumped to their deaths during the battle for Saipan, and the Korean and Japanese memorials which honor those who lost their lives in the war. A short walk further to the northern end of the island brings you to Banzai Cliff (meaning “long-lived”), another site where the Japanese leaped to their death when the U.S. attacked. A sad but beautiful location, and worth visiting to see and pay respect.

OK, it’s time to relax and lighten the mood again. One of the most fun ways to experience local Saipan culture is the Ataari Dinner Show at our own Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan. The best of Saipan dining and entertainment, showcasing the beauty of Polynesia, Micronesia, and beyond. Marvel at fire-eaters and graceful hula dancers performing dances from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Micronesia, whilst enjoying a flavorful selection of island-inspired, Asian, and American cuisine. Learn more about the Ataari Dinner Show.

Day 5: The grand finale – a Saipan skydive

If you are lucky enough to have a glorious fifth day in Saipan, why not challenge yourself to perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will make Saipan even more memorable. Skydiving in Saipan takes you high up into the sky for the most incredible views of the entire island that’ll distract you from any fear of heights you may have. The price of skydiving is high, but included in most skydiving packages in Saipan are equipment, the flight up, and hotel pick-up and drop-off. Most places will charge extra for video footage, but probably worth it, hey?

Need more inspiration? Get in touch with our Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan concierge team for the best tips on traveling and sightseeing in Saipan.

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