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Marine Sports

Explore Micro Beach's Scenic Waters

Paddle Board Rentals 

Stand up paddle through Micro Beach’s clear waters. This is a great activity to test your balance, work out a sweat, and find peace floating on the ocean’s surface.

Kayak Rentals 

Kayaks are small watercraft propelled by the action of a double-bladed paddle, with a seated rider pulling the blade through the water on alternate sides to move forward. Kayaks can be enjoyed individually or in pairs – but as they say, many hands make light work!
Whilst paddling a kayak requires some energy, it is not at all difficult to do. Take it slow or challenge yourself to be faster, you’ll have lots of fun and build a good appetite either way.

Sea Scooters Rentals

Let a sea scooter guide you into your underwater adventures! Simply grab the handles, and use your body to steer as they navigate a wide variety of different seascapes. You’ll fly by other swimmers while you take in the views of marine life, making it easy, fun, and thrilling.


Disclaimer: This activity is ran by an outside service provider, Sea Touch. Please email or call 670 233 7297 for more details.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Our response to COVID-19 and expanded IHG Way of Clean


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