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Saipan's Top 5 Family-Friendly Activities

Saipan has so many family-friendly activities, you’ll have to plan a return trip to try them all.
From snorkeling to stingray kissing to hiking with birds, Saipan is an adventure-filled and unique family destination. Read on for our top 5 activities for families who love land, sea, and air.

1. Micro Beach Water Activities

If you’re looking for Saipan Beaches that are family-friendly, Micro Beach ticks all the boxes. It’s sparkling blue calm waters make for an excellent and safe paddling spot for toddlers. At low tide, there’s a sand bar that you can walk out to with the family that’s extra special and magical at sunset.

Micro Beach is also one of the best beaches in Saipan for parasailing— a fun and thrilling sky adventure for kids 6 years and older. There are also paddle boarding and windsurfing. For diving and snorkeling in Saipan check out The Grotto or Managaha Island, as Micro Beach doesn’t have many fish or reefs to explore.

This little slice of paradise is located in Garapan —the Center of Saipan on the east coast with turquoise water and soft white sand ideal for little toes and feet. For family accommodation near Micro Beach, Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan is located right on Micro Beach with lounge chairs and thatched beach umbrellas dotted along the shore, where you can get busy relaxing on Saipan’s most family-friendly beach with access to our pools, beach bar and resort activities.

2. SeaTouch Shark and Stingray Experience

A place where you can finally tell your kids, yes it’s okay to touch!
The SeaTouch Activity Center offers an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience where families can swim with, and touch, stingrays. The friendly and fun staff will make nervous little ones excited in no time. For the brave, you can also pet the sharks, but don’t worry they’re babies.

SeaTouch is located at the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan with bookings available from 10am to 4pm daily. It’s one of the best and most unique family activities in Saipan, and it’s said a stingray kiss will give you 7 years of good luck.

3. Family Hikes and Walking Trails in Saipan

Saipan has some excellent and adventurous hiking and walking trails. If you’re after a family hike in Saipan, Old Man by the Sea is about a 20-minute hike, but there are some steep parts, so bring good walking shoes. Keep the flip flops for wearing down to Micro Beach from your ocean view room at Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan.

At the end of the hike on the beach, you’ll see the rock after which the place is named. It really does look like an old man. The Old Man by the Sea hike in Saipan is best for kids aged 6 and up. For steep sections of the path with little legs on them, there are ropes conveniently strung between trees for support.

Hiking down to Bird Island is another trail that’s fun for families. It starts at Bird Island Lookout, where you’ll find a secret path leading to the beach. Kids will love to walk along the beach next to Bird Island and explore the rock pools.

Bird Island and Old Man by the Sea are ideal morning or afternoon adventures and sightseeing activities in Saipan with kids.

4. American Memorial Park

You can spend hours here at this historical site in Saipan. It’s a beautiful park and a living memorial with an indoor museum that depicts Saipan during the WWII era. The American Memorial Park is of the best parks for families in Saipan where kids will enjoy the outdoors and landscaped gardens by the sea with craft day on Saturday mornings. It’s also a great spot in Saipan to give your jogging stroller a workout during a morning run. The park itself spans 133 acres with beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, bike and walking paths with 30 acres of wetland and mangrove forest.

5. Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan

Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan is a tropical activity playground for all ages.
We’ve got Micro Beach and the Sea Touch experience on our doorstep and so much more. It’s hard to know where to start.

The playground meets water at our kids’ pool and mini waterslide with water curtain fountains for added fun and adventure. There are two other pools with water basketball, volleyball and water polo. All our pool adventures come with our friendly and highly trained lifeguards. There are tennis courts located next to our pools. Cool off after a game at the pool or beach then grab a seat at our beach bar for some tropical refreshments.

We’ve got family activities running all through the day. The sand-bar walk at sunset on our doorstep at Micro Beach is a relaxing end to an adventure and activity-filled day in Saipan.

Need more inspiration? Get in touch with our Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan concierge team for the best tips, advice and tours in Saipan.

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